NICOL -- 232

WED 2:30 PM


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The course structure seeks to provide flexibility for students and will focus on student interests. Each student will prepare a 20-25 pp. research paper, with annotated bibliography, on a significant topic in sport and history/culture/society. Each student will also keep a journal, with at least two entries weekly (2-3 pp. weekly), reflecting on sport and its contexts of race/ethnicity, class (economics), politics, sexuality/gender, and play/whimsy. These journals (preferably) will be produced by computer (keep backup disks!). Students will also be expected to publish (or attempt to publish) one item connected with their research before the end of term. This may be a letter to the editor of a magazine or newspaper, an article for a newspaper (The Journal is fine), an appearance on Studio Q, an informal talk to the class or poster presentation (work in progress, posting to the PHED 475 online forum, the easy route out), or any other creative way of demonstrating the sort of entrepreneurial spirit necessary to survival in our mercenary age. The professor will judge the merit of creativity and vet/edit these publications. The essay mark will carry most import (50%), the journal (30%), the publication (20%).

Classes will be held as a group for the first three weeks and then in tutorials during the course time slot. I am also available for virtual office hours at and I welcome suggested links and comments for the course webpage for my website, I have scheduled office hours in room 215 PEC Friday afternoons, 1:30-2:30, and by appt. We shall reconvene toward the end of the year, the last week or two, for short reports on research papers as you near completion. Research papers and journals will fall due at the end of study week following classes. Please hand in two copies of each. You will wish to consult the style guide that will inform your paper organization and writing, Kate Turabian, Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996). Call # is LB2369 T8 1996, in the Reference section of Stauffer Library. For those of you who feel the need for more work on writing, see William Strunk and E.B. White, The Elements of Style and William Zinnser, On Writing Well. Note that the professor prizes consistency in citation.

Good luck and have fun! I seek from you creativity, brilliant insight, linkages and connections that stagger the imagination and augment the intellect. I trust that these exercises will help provide you with intellectual weapons for future use. I have ordered three books for the course to jog your intellect and help bring triumphant closure to your undergraduate career. Id like to see you comment on these and other historical/sociological/cultural sources in your journal entries:

Rod Brookes, Representing Sport (London: Arnold, 2002)

Sheryle Bergmann Drewe, Why Sport? An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport (Toronto: Thompson, 2002)

Walter LaFeber, Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism (New York: Norton, 2002)

All good wishes in your work.